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Let us help you bring your vision to life.


Starting from $120.00 per hour

Setup service includes:

Transport of hire equipment to event. 

Onsite setup of hired equipment (sound equipment excluded)

Breakdown service includes:

Onsite breakdown of hired equipment.

Transport & return of hired equipment



An audio visual technician is responsible for the setup, operation, and maintenance of audio and visual equipment used in various events, presentations, and productions.

Their primary role is to ensure the seamless integration of audio and visual elements to create an immersive and engaging experience for the audience.

AV technicians handle a variety of equipment, such as microphones, speakers, amplifiers, projectors, video screens, cameras, lighting systems, and control boards.

They possess extensive knowledge of audio and video signal flow, connectivity options, and troubleshooting techniques to ensure that all equipment is functioning properly.

Starting from $150.00 per hour

Hourly rate is dependant on event size and audio requirements.

For an accurate quote please contact us with your event details and requirements.

At the Studio


Have an event in mind and need to get your ideas on to paper to present to a board or committee or boss?

Let us help you.

Simply tell us what you want, and we'll put a design together for you.

Services we provide:

Event layouts/setup

Seating charts

Event signage 

Event budgeting

Decor sourcing

Starting from $60.00 per hour

Event Planner and Costumer
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