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Convergence Fashion Show 2023: Meet the designers.

Let us introduce to you all the fashion designers, artists and creators behind the garments for the 2023 Convergence Fashion Show.

“Teagan Jacobs” is a small batch womenswear label that is handmade and ethically produced for the hyper-feminine and whimsical daydreamer. Each piece is thoughtfully cut and sewn upon ordering in order to minimise unnecessary waste. Her collection ‘Bisou’ meaning to ‘kiss’ in French- is a love letter to the soft and gentle haze of French romance, the “I love You’s" written on napkins and silk bows swept into hair.

Classic period silhouettes combined with exaggerated modern design. A balance and play of both the masculine and feminine are the driving force behind the label EMMC.

Her love of unique fabric textures and complimentary colour palette adds to her slight surrealist style. EMMC’s latest collection ‘Architect’ focuses on the concept of the tension between structure and chaos and the equilibrium of the two.

A label for the brave and daring who want to stand out rather than blend in.

The Vintage Perspective is about preserving the past, whilst introducing it to the future. Some vintage garments are already masterpieces and simply need to be worn; while others may need a little love infused into them to give them a second run.

We’re all about the 3 R’s when it comes to fashion - Reuse, Repurpose and Rework because it’s never old, its vintage!

Joanne (Gwarli) Nangala is a Pilbara based Aboriginal artist who has branched out from canvas painting into the medium of textile and fashion in collaboration with EMMC.

“These are the stories of my ancestors and their relationship with the land.'“

Her début self-titled fashion collection features artwork that depicts aspects of her Aboriginal heritage and culture. With a vibrant colour palette and unique design, the textile is the star of the show; paired with elegant, yet simplistic silhouettes to accentuate the story behind the fashion.

Family, love and passion are the founding factors of Maria Bombo’s fashion label.

Influenced by her Indonesian culture, purposeful care is taken in the selection of all elements within her garments; fabric feel, colour, pattern, right down to the final stitches are given consideration.

With a flair for evening wear and a gentle nod to her cultural heritage, Bombo’s debut collection ‘Mimpi’ meaning ‘dream’ in Indonesian - is the fulfilment of seeing her designs adorn the fashion runway.


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